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Find ways to show up, learn, and take action on justice and equity issues in NYC.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Amp Club?

We are a group of creative people in NYC who want to get more engaged with local issues. We amplify causes that impact New York City by curating events and resources for the broader community, focusing on equity and justice. Our goal is to bring people together and connect the dots, from local history to civic activism to visions for the future, with a spirit of solidarity, curiosity, and activism. Amp Club is an initiative founded by members of Studio Rodrigo in 2022.

How do I attend an Amp Club event?

We highlight events happening locally in NYC and pick a few each month to attend with friends. Check our homepage for this month's series or browse our calendar. We’d love for you to join us. We try to highlight a range of events with outdoor and online options for Covid safety. Please note that some events have space capacity or require RSVP.

Can I suggest an event for the Amp Club calendar?

Of course! We encourage community submissions. Please send event information (including any URLs) to ampclub@studiorodrigo.com.

What is a 101 Guide?

101 Guides are introductory collections of essays, videos, and media on topics that impact New York City. Think of it as a quick orientation or an easy entry point, rather than a comprehensive syllabus.We work with local experts to craft these guides, seeking out knowledge and guidance from experts working in the community.

How do I get involved?

Show up to an event, engage with our resources, or browse our list of organizations to start volunteering or donating.We believe that getting involved should be fun, creative, and based in joy. Amp Club strives to act as a connective tissue or launchpad to start building a better future for all in NYC.