Blog Post | Fall 2022

Welcome to Amp Club

Welcome to Amp Club NYC

Hi, thanks for being taking a moment to read this.

Amp Club is an initiative founded by members of Studio Rodrigo. We are a group of creative people in NYC who want to get more engaged with local issues. Our goal is to bring people together and connect the dots, from local history to civic engagement to visions for the future, with a spirit of solidarity, curiosity, and activism.

We want Amp Club to be an open forum –– we’d love for you to join us, organize with us, and help us amplify causes and organizations that are making a difference in our world.

Trying to make a difference

There are a lot of very frustrating and scary things happening in the world. Whether it’s climate change, or abortion rights, or gun control, or justice reform, or economic equality, or the rent being too damn high…we could go on. Every day, it feels like there is another fight we have to fight.

And these issues happen at a national level, and a local level.

But at the end of the day, we want to be engaged and we want to make a difference. As creative people, designers, writers, technologists, we are looking for ways to support causes that we care about. And also, just as people, we are looking for ways to show up and show solidarity for those organizers who are working every day to make positive change.

"We are looking for ways to show up and show solidarity for those organizers who are working every day to make positive change."

Amplifying those who do the work

With everything going on, and the fact that a new issue seems to come up every day, we realize that it can be overwhelming. It can be frustrating to figure out how to get engaged and it can be lonely showing up to a protest or a meeting on your own.

We also recognize that it’s very hard to be an expert on every issue, to understand the root causes of systemic problems, to figure out how to best support people working on these problems as their full time job or passion…

That’s where Amp Club comes in.

Our goal is to amplify those engaged in the work of tackling systemic issues and pushing for social and policy change. We want to help make their voices heard, to pour our resources in the places they identify as being priorities, and to show up when they need us.

And our focus is New York City.

Show up. Get smarter. Get involved.

Amp Club highlights organizations, events, and opportunities for action happening locally in NYC. We maintain an events calendar, publish content on this website, and host events where we will be attending as a group.

Our goal is to show up in support of people engaged in civic issues, to help educate ourselves while finding ways to get involved, and hopefully, make a difference.

Most Amp Club events are like a return to field trips or activism that you might have done in school or college. We want to bring a spirit of fun, creativity, and joy to building a culture of activism and civic engagement.

There will be passion and anger. There will be insights and actions. There will be food and friends.

We’d love to have you join us.